Hot sauce roulette challenge smosh

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Play PureBred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette by yourself or your friends & family! Test your luck by spinning the arrow and taste the hot sauce it points to. Spin the arrow by yourself to try all the sauces or with others until there is 1 idiot standing! Each sauce adds an additional ingredient to the recipe to increase the heat level. (12 Sauces total!) Hot Sauce Roulette: A game of spicy chance! Hot Sauce Roulette is the one gambling game where you want to avoid a hot streak! The 12 mini bottles of hot sauce in the set are arranged around a wheel. Flick the spinner in the center of the wheel and sample the sauce it lands on. With heat levels ranging from meh to melt-yo-face-off, you’ll be ...

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HOT PEPPER MARIO PARTY (Game Bang) - YouTube Three chocolates, one of which was dipped in SUPER-spicy hot sauce. Each round, the losers of the luck-based Mario Party mini-game have to eat a piece of chocolate, with one person eating the ... Hot Pepper Mario Party | Smosh Wiki -

ASS KICKIN' PUREBRED Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette Challenge

Smosh Games (Web Video) - TV Tropes Smosh Games is a YouTube channel, a spinoff from the popular Smosh in which Ian and Anthony, plus former base-breaker Mari, three gaming buddies from … Web Original / Nightmare Fuel - TV Tropes Remember, even a description of what's behind the link is still scary on its own. Vat19 vs. Clevver: Pie Eating Contest (w/ Candy!) - YouTube